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Back in the job market


The HEKS/EPER Triangle Project consists of three offers designed for unemployed people. They are given information, an assessment is made of their personal vocational situation and they receive individual job application training, all of which helps improve their chances of re-entering the job market.

Back in the job market

Jobless people need meeting places. For them, counselling and training are often an escape from social isolation. They also receive concrete assistance re-entering the job market. At the request of the Office for Economic Affairs and Employment of the Canton of Solothurn, HEKS/EPER offers three programmes for the unemployed under the Triangle Project. They may attend an information event, to learn about their rights and obligations regarding unemployment insurance and regional job centres. The six-day continuing training course entitled «Personal vocational assessment – Job applications» targets job-seekers with or without vocational training. Continuing training is also on offer for foreign language speakers. All three offers facilitate the integration of job-seekers into the world of work on a lasting basis.

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