Alliance Sud press release of 9 December 2021

National Council backs civil society

The National Council today decided by a clear majority that it does not plan review tax exemption for charitable organisations in Switzerland. The rejection of the motion by FDP Councillor of State Ruedi Noser is good news for Swiss democracy.

The Noser Motion would have impacted thousands of organisations across Switzerland, including many active in the realms of business, the arts, culture, education, sport, agriculture and homeland protection. They possess immense expertise and make a key contribution to raising public awareness around a variety of topics and to solving a wide range of social problems.

«The National Council's decision reinforces the pivotal role of civil society in Swiss democracy», says Bernd Nilles, President of Alliance Sud and Director of Fastenopfer. «Alliance Sud will therefore continue to advocate for a policy that protects the world's poorest from harm and paves the way for more equitable North-South relations.»


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