War in Ukraine

HEKS/EPER condemns the Russian invasion and demands respect for international law

The worst fears of global civil society have become brutal reality in recent hours. A war has broken out in the heart of Europe, with still no certainty at all as to the turn that things will take. What is beyond doubt, in contrast, is that the consequences of the conflict will be tragic for the people of Ukraine first and foremost, and for the entire population of Eastern Europe, if not beyond. 

HEKS/EPER strongly condemns Thursday morning's attack by Russian armed forces on a neighbouring country and calls on all parties directly or indirectly involved to display the greatest prudence, to cease all hostilities immediately and permanently, to observe international law, and to return to humanitarian values.
Krieg in der Ukraine: HEKS verurteilt die russische Invasion und fordert die Achtung des internationalen Völkerrechtes
Emilio Morenatti/Keystone

The situation on the ground in Ukraine is alarming, and for now we can only hope that the incursion begun by Russia into a neighbouring country does not escalate into a Europe-wide conflagration. Swiss Church Aid HEKS/EPER calls on the Russian Government and its President to display a willingness to achieve peace, and to be aware that this war will leave only losers on all sides. Once again, Ukraine's suffering civilian population are the principal victims. HEKS/EPER and its entire staff extend their full solidarity and compassion to them.

At the present time, HEKS/EPER is engaged in close and intensive consultations with both its church and secular partner organizations in Ukraine itself, and in neighbouring countries where HEKS/EPER is also active. Discussions are in full swing regarding joint humanitarian aid, especially for civilians forced to flee the war zone; the extent of HEKS/EPER’s support to its local partners will depend on the way the conflict evolves. An appeal for donations towards concrete humanitarian assistance will be launched as soon as the situation allows.

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