Media release, April, 27 2022

A future together on a sound financial footing

Organizationally, the most salient feature of the past year for HEKS/EPER and Bread for All was the merger of the two aid agencies. The first joint annual financial statements as of end-2021 closed with income of 98.8 million francs and a good operating result of 9.6 million francs. 

The merger of HEKS/EPER and Bread for All became legally valid upon inscription in the commercial register on 22 November 2021. And on 1 January 2022, the new entity made its operational debut under the name Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER), also with a new visual image. The new logo simultaneously represents both the start of a journey together, and continuity in HEKS/EPER's programme work and commitment to development and social policy. 

The merger of HEKS/EPER and Bread for All reinforces their position and competitive capacity in an ever more competitive environment. This can also enhance the impact of projects and activities at home and abroad. More specifically, the interlinking of development policy and programme work at home and abroad creates meaningful synergies. 

Näherin KICK
HEKS/EPER and Bread for all
Annual Report 2021

Good annual result 

Owing to the merger of both organizations, the first consolidated annual financial statements, those for 2021, cannot be compared with previous years. They do nonetheless show the merged agency's financial foundation to be solid. Operating income rose to 98,8 million francs and expenditure to 89,2 million francs. This yielded in a good operating result of 9.6 million francs, which was assigned in large part to existing funds in Switzerland and abroad. 

In 2021, HEKS/EPER allocated altogether 74,3 million francs for 217 projects abroad and in Switzerland. Some 13,8 million francs went to supporting development cooperation projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Another 2,1 million francs benefited church cooperation in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. HEKS/EPER also provided 16,3 million francs in humanitarian aid after droughts and disasters stemming from natural hazards, and in conflict zones.  

HEKS/EPER spent 27,6 million francs in Switzerland: 17,7 million francs on projects to promote inclusion for socially underprivileged people and 9,4 million francs on the provision of legal advice services for asylum seekers, recognized refugees and other target groups. The share of administrative costs in total expenditure (14,7 million francs) was 16,5% (Zewo guideline). Thus, the merged entity also remains well below the maximum for ZEWO-certified non-profit organizations (25%).  

The 2021 HEKS/EPER and Bread for All annual reports are appearing for the last time in the usual external form, but have already been combined into one publication.  

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