Media release, 28 October 2022

Emergency aid for more than 600 000 Ukrainians

In Ukraine, HEKS/EPER is currently supporting the neediest people in the immediate vicinity of the front line by distributing cash and relief supplies to cover daily needs – especially in view of the coming cold winter. In addition, HEKS/EPER is also supporting Ukrainians who have fled to Romania, Hungary and Moldova and assisting with measures to facilitate their integration in these countries. So far, HEKS/EPER has provided emergency relief for over 600,000 people in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

HEKS/EPER has been running its own office in Odessa since March 2022, and was one of the first relief agencies to provide emergency aid the immediate vicinity of the front lines: in Mikolaiv and Zaporizhzhia in the south and in Kharkiv in the east. There, more than 300,000 especially needy people already have access to clean drinking water, food in the form of hot meals or food parcels, hygiene kits, medicines and other medical supplies, and also cash with which to purchase everyday necessities. The families who live in these regions or who have fled the bombing are some of the neediest. They are unable to leave the country owing to health problems or other factors. HEKS/EPER is also continuing to assist people who have fled Ukraine, and is involved in the rebuilding of transit centres for displaced people. With the approach of winter and the extreme cold, HEKS/EPER is focusing its emergency aid increasingly on the distribution of warm clothing, including for babies, as well as blankets and sleeping bags. 
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Helping with travel and integration in neighbouring countries

HEKS/EPER is also working in Ukraine's neighbouring countries, namely Romania, Hungary, Moldova and the Czech Republic, where it has long been engaged with local partner organizations. In this way, relief has already been provided to over 300,000 people who have fled Ukraine, for example, by making it easier for them to cross borders, or by helping them find shorter or longer term accommodation. 

Since mid-September, HEKS/EPER has also been coming to the aid of Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, where more than 600,000 people, mainly women and children, have found refuge since the onset of the war in late February. There, HEKS/EPER's main focus is on distributing cash for the purchase of vital supplies, petrol and also items needed specifically for the coming cold winter months. At a later date, support will also be provided for refugees who plan to stay in Moldova.

In Romania, besides distributing cash, HEKS/EPER also furnishes food parcels, school supplies and warm clothing for refugees, and offers counselling and psychosocial and medical help; it also facilitates the integration of people who intend to settle permanently in the country, through language courses, school support and help with jobs searches. 

Account for donations: IBAN CH37 0900 0000 8000 1115 1. Please mention "Emergency aid Ukraine" 


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