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Combatting poverty – empowering minorities

HEKS Bangladesh

HEKS Bangladesh aims at addressing the needs and strengthening the rights of marginalised people like Dalit, Adibashi, and refugees through development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects.

About HEKS Bangladesh

In development cooperation HEKS Bangladesh supports the social and economic integration of marginalized minorities. They learn to ensure their own food security through sustainable agriculture and cattle farming, and are supported in building up small businesses. Assisted by HEKS/EPER, grassroots organizations strive to ensure that the authorities respect the rights of minorities. HEKS Bangladesh has a country office in Dhaka.

In humanitarian aid, HEKS Bangladesh contributes since 2017 to the coordinated efforts of the humanitarian community in Bangladesh to ensure the survival of the Rohingya and to improve their living conditions, while addressing the impact of the large camps on the Bangladeshi host community. Humanitarian Aid HEKS Bangladesh operates an office in Cox Bazar.

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Combatting Poverty - Empowering Minorities

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