Nothilfe Hungerkrise in Afrika
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Food crisis in Africa

Millions experience hunger in Africa

Food crisis in Africa

Climate change and its lot of severe droughts and heavy flooding are jeopardising the livelihoods of peasant families in many African countries. And as if that were not enough, we are now witnessing the corona pandemic and massive desert locust invasions that strip entire crops bare in no time at all. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), some 25 million people are experiencing hunger in East Africa alone.

HEKS/EPER is providing emergency aid and support for people in the region.  In Uganda, HEKS/EPER is working to improve food production to promote self-sufficiency and harmonious coexistence of refugees and the local people.  In South Sudan for example HEKS/EPER distributes seeds and tools and assists people by offering advice on sustainable farming as well as information on hygiene measures to prevent covid-19. And in Bidibidi, the largest refugee camp in Uganda, HEKS/EPER and its partner organisations provide humanitarian aid for refugees in Uganda.

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Bidibidi - im grössten Flüchtglingscamp der Welt
Blaise Kormann
Improved livelihoods for refugees and locals

Some 233’000 refugees from neighbouring South Sudan are now living under dire conditions at the Bidibidi refugee camp. Each household does in fact have access to a small parcel of land, but cultivating it is often very problematic. The steady decline in food distributions is spawning conflict between refugees and local people. HEKS/EPER is therefore striving to improve food production for self-sufficiency and to encourage various groups to live together in harmony.

Südsudan 774.378
South Sudan
Seeds against hunger

In South Sudan too, hunger is omnipresent. Armed conflict has displaced millions of people from their homes. Border closures due to the corona pandemic have led to food shortages. Many peasant families are therefore consuming their stocks of corn originally meant for sowing and are also having to sell their animals. HEKS/EPER is therefore distributing seeds and tools and offering the local people advice on sustainable production as well as information on hygiene rules for the prevention of covid-19.

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z. B. für Gemüsesamen für 120 Familien im Südsudan
z. B. für Überbrückungshilfen für 6 Frauen in Kongo
z. B. für einen Kurs in ökologischem Anbau für 20 Personen in Niger
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