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ECHO– Information on Switzerland

What is federalism? Who will help me if I fall ill? How and why do I pay taxes? In short: How does Switzerland work? ECHO – the richly illustrated and updated 38-page civics brochure put out by HEKS/EPER Eastern Switzerland provides answers. This guide for foreign-language speakers is available in German, French and Italian.

Titled ECHO, the civics brochure offers guidance by setting out basic information about our country: it covers democracy, history, rights and duties, social security, work and education. Immigrants can become integrated more easily when they possess such knowledge. But ECHO offers still more: the colourful brochure is an incitement to delve deeper into your new place of residence, Switzerland.
ECHO is equally suitable for self-taught learning and for teaching in an integration or language course. This teaching aid is clearly and simply written and rich in illustrations and informative graphics.


Didactic worksheets, information on intercultural communication, and materials for the course called «Meine Wohngemeinde – Informationen suchen und finden» [My commune of residence – seeking and finding information] for teachers (in German only).

The downloads are also available in Italian, upon request. Send us an e-mail to

Due to the increase in letter and parcel costs, we will increase the price to CHF 21.00 per item with the new edition 12th of February 2024. On the other hand, we will continue to send them including shipping costs.


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ECHO costs Fr. 21.- apiece (incl. VAT, plus forwarding costs) and can be ordered using this form. Take advantage of our attractive quantity discounts! On orders of the same item, you will receive the following discounts:

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