Nothilfe für Betroffene der Coronakrise - weltweit und in der Schweiz
Faysal Ahmad

HEKS helps in times of need. Worldwide and in Switzerland

Corona-Pandemic: HEKS helps in times of need. Worldwide and in Switzerland

In the spring of 2020 the coronavirus turned the world on its head and changed all our lives, in one way or another. The medium and long-term impacts of the pandemic, which are only now becoming apparent and perceptible, pose an existential threat to many in Switzerland and abroad. In Switzerland and through its projects around the world, HEKS/EPER is committed to assisting these people over the long term.

HEKS/EPER's international projects support various sanitation and awareness-raising measures to protect particularly vulnerable people from the virus. In parallel, the medium and long-term economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our project beneficiaries should be specifically studied and tackled through appropriate project components.

In Switzerland HEKS/EPER stands by people who for various reasons find themselves among the most vulnerable in our society. They include older migrants, sans-papiers (undocumented people), refugees, the long-term unemployed, and people experiencing homelessness or problems of addiction. Job losses and social distancing are making it even harder for these people to establish social contacts. HEKS/EPER is assisting them in coping with this difficult time of social isolation, in claiming their rights, or in finding work again.

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The diverse impacts of HEKS/EPER

We continue to depend on your support in order to master the manifold challenges. With your donation you will protect the most needy from the dramatic consequences of the Corona pandemic.

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Your donation will trigger big changes from small beginnings.

e.g. in Haiti: clean water, soap and learning the rules of hygiene.
e.g. in Bangladesh: Emergency shelter for a family in the Rohingya refugee camp.
e.g. in Switzerland: Support for families in need of livelihood in Switzerland.
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